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10 Ways to Keep Your Home Toxin Free. 🌍

10 Ways to Keep Your Home Toxin Free. 🌍

Our everyday lives can be surrounded by nasty toxins. And while we can’t control everything, we can control what we bring into our homes. 

Here are 10 tips from Grounded for how to ditch the toxins in your home.

And listen, some of these are hard, some are more expensive, but EVERY BIT HELPS!

Eat organic – or clean off pesticides from your incoming produce.

Take your shoes off at the door – you’re tracking germs, and chemicals from outside into your home.

Ditch the fragrances – candles, air fresheners, perfumes – we know it’s hard, but most contain phthalates that are really really bad for us.

Try not to eat & cook off of plastic, or non-stick cookware – many have “forever chemicals” that stay in our body.

Swap out your cleaning products – they create indoor air pollution that can cause asthma, and reproductive harm. Hello Grounded. 

Try to improve the air in your home – air filters, or vacuums can help keep dust and particles out of your home.

Switch to natural laundry detergents & softeners – especially those with fragrances can cause genetic damage, asthma, and other allergic reactions. And that’s on our clothes all day, and sheets where we sleep at night, so our exposure is high. 

Ditch the night time bug spray – we know mosquitos are pesky, but many household insecticides and pesticides still contain nasty chemicals.

Buy safer wall paint – the off gassing from paint continues after it’s dried! Crown Paint just launched a zero-VOC paint in Kenya – hooray!

Use the sun! Air out things like your dry cleaning, mattresses, new sofas etc to use the power of the sun to speed up the off gassing from nasties like flame retardants and plastics. And keep in mind that every swap you make, creates a safer home for you and your loved ones, and for our environment. The consumer decisions we make signal to big industries to make safer products, and that’s what Greenspoon is all about – providing us with safe, quality, and tasty options. 
Looking for more information? Check out our favorite global resources like EWG, MadeSafe and  Center for Environmental Health.

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