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A Day in the Life of a Greenspoon Delivery Driver

Greenspoon Weekly Blog is a column by our Greenspoon Team that covers lifestyle-related content ranging from our environment, lifestyle, health, and food! Each week, expect a thought-provoking, informative blog that we hope will be useful to you!

Author; Greenspoon Driver, Justin Mugwimi

Believe it or not, Greenspoon delivery guys (and gals—soon to come) never know what they’ll find when they jump into their cars at the beginning of a shift—will it be a huge tip from a benevolent shopper? Or a customer who demands to have them stock their fridge? Or perhaps a kid whose brain is exploding with questions about our EV’s (Electric Vehicles), or a guard who is just happy to see them.

One thing that is certain for us guys are; taxes, death, and traffic! Sometimes we are gridlocked for minutes on end, but a man got to do what a man got to do.

If you sit with these fine delivery folks, you’ll realize that they all have stories to tell, many of them endlessly entertaining and a few scary ones, horrible ones here and there.

Delivery drivers work tirelessly with the backing of an irrepressible team of packers and customer service guys as they look to collect and mostly deliver orders to households and businesses across Nairobi. Driver’s local knowledge is crucial in planning their route on a daily basis to ensure efficiency and prompt completion of collections and deliveries. Map reading and interpretation skills are really put to task here.

One funny or weird thing about Nairobi street or property naming is that, you can find two that share one exact name but are in extremely different parts of your designated area. Woe unto you if you get to the wrong one, after battling the crazy Nairobi traffic, only for the client to break it to you that they are actually in the other apartment, named just like the one you are parked at, but on the other side of town! So yeah, map reading is key.

Like any job, we face different challenges on daily basis.  There are bound to be a few tough tasks in the course of the week, but we strive to have flawless weeks as much as we can, and so far, feedback has been good.

With any customer-facing role, you do, unfortunately, from time to time, encounter difficult customers—although most people we come across are completely easygoing. They are almost patting you on the back after doing a flight of stairs to the top floor in elevator-less apartments with a crate full of Greenspoon order in hand.

Although there are challenges, it’s highly doubtful there’s anyone that keeps the delivery driver awake at night. If anything, you are likely to find them smiling by themselves while reminiscing on the experiences. It can be and actually is, a very rewarding role. You have the opportunity to connect and interact with many people from all walks of life, making a difference every day by delivering products or presents from loved ones. Yeah, at Greenspoon, you can order for someone else and we’ll deliver, with a smile. We love how with a home-delivery service, it makes it convenient and incredibly time-saving for our customers, which always puts a smile on their face and in return, ours.

It’s a very hands-on, physical role (We are always joking with anyone noting how heavy the crates are sometimes that one of the job specifications was being able to lift) full of variety where no two shifts are ever the same. If you are cheery and physically capable, hardworking, work well with others, and get a kick out of helping people, then delivery driving is where it’s at, especially at Greenspoon, where we do it using fully electric vehicles.

We could be wrong, but we think we are the earliest adopters. The EV’s are so cool, they glide along. Zero-emission. We however have problems at gates with ‘No Hooting’ disclaimers because no one can hear you pull up. The EV’s are a marvel to everyone, from the gatemen to the customers, to fellow drivers on the roads, and to pedestrians. You will hear them quip, ‘hii haitoi moshi’ ‘Haina exhaust’ ‘ni hybrid?’ some ask. Not once have 1 popped the hood for some of our clients that could not contain their curiosity.

Make no mistake though, most people confuse being a delivery driver for Greenspoon is a driving job, It’s not. It’s a delivery job. It’s what we do that differentiates us, as after we have loaded the vehicle, got the crates or the cooler boxes out, and proceeded to meet the client while remembering to smile!

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