A simple hot chocolate

A simple hot chocolate can go a long way on a chilly night. Owls may be tawitawooing but I am under a cosy blanket hoping that the firewood is dry and we can warm the house up that way! This is the best hot choccie, healthy, home made, and not full of sugar! The aztecs added chilli, so if you think that would be good, go ahead! I recommend a pinch of our organic chilli flakes if that rocks your boat.


2 cups of milk – your choice whether it’s dairy or non, it doesn’t matter
2 tablespoons of cocoa – I like it quite strong, so you may want to just temper this until you work out what you like!
1 tablespoon sweetener – jaggery, honey, maple syrup… again your choice and temper it until you work out what is good for you.
1 stick of cinnamon or failing that, a small teaspoon of ground cinnamon. *Optional


Warm through the milk. Whisk in the cocoa powder, followed by your choice of sweetener. Taste taste taste along the way! Whisk it all up and make sure it’s good and hot, and then serve in cups with a cinnamon stick to stir.




Brown Sugar


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Ground Cinnamon


Herbs and Spices

Whole Cinnamon Bark