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est. 2010 | employees 8

Did you know that the invention of the Tortilla chip came about as a way of combatting food waste? The story goes like this: Rebecca Webb Carranza had an idea to reduce food waste and create a new revenue stream in her Mexican deli and tortilla factory near Los Angeles. She decided to cut the rejects from the automated tortilla machine into triangles and fry them, selling them in bags from her deli. Building of great ideas from great women, Ms Jebiwot Bischof founded Bdelo with just as good, if not better intentions, behind her business idea, Bdelo is now an award-winning market leader in the production of Tortilla Chips.

Not any old Tortilla chips

Bdelo is a market leader in 100% naturally seasoned, gluten free and preservative free maize tortilla chips. These delicious chips can actually be considered a healthy snack and a vegetarian, gluten free and Halal option. You can enjoy a bag of authentic Mexican style Tortilla chips and feel like you’re in Mexico City but know that you are supporting a 100% Kenyan company.

The Story of Bdelo

Whilst studying in the USA, Ms Jebiwot Bischof grew to love the food preparation traditions of authentic Mexican food. As a young girl who had grown up with a humble village background, surrounded by dedicated maize growers whose livelihoods sole dependence was on a good crop, Ms Jebiwot did what most struggle to do, immerse two cultures together. Making the link between maize and the Mexican tortilla that we all know and love, Bdelo was born in 2010 with the help of her husband.

Locally sourced

Bdelo source the essential ingredient in any tortilla, maize from small holder maize farmers across Kenya. Combining global expertise with a deep understanding and appreciation of local cultures, Bdelo place consider their positive social impact as the cornerstone to their business growth and operational proficiency. 

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