Cheese on Toast

It’s one of those childhood staples that will take you right back to a cosy night when cheese on toast was all that would do. Oozing cheddar, glistening and cheesy, on top of crunchy toasted bread – does a combination get any better? Well, actually, yes – possibly. You can go down the puritan route: toast your bread, spread it with butter, whack on the cheese, grill and voila! you have a perfectly acceptable cheese on toast snackattack. However, if you’re looking for something with a little bit more oomph, you need to try this. I haven’t really put quantities down – it’s up to you to keep testing and trying the mixture, but I can assure you that this puts cheese on toast into a new realm of ‘that was like a full meal’ rather than ‘what a nice snack’.


Cheese. I go for strong cheddar, but depends on your taste.
Mustard – use dijon or wholegrain if you prefer.
Worcester Sauce – the genuine article please, none of this fakey stuff.
Guinness, beer or milk – a few tablespoons full.
Bread – use sourdough for maximum flavour and crunchiness.
Salt & Pepper (though not much salt).


Turn on the grill. Melt the cheese (slowly, you don’t want it to burn). Add in the mustard (1 – 2 teaspoons) and Worcester sauce – a teaspoon or so. Add the beer – it will froth up quite a lot but keep stirring until the cheesy sauce thickens up. Meanwhile put bread under the grill and toast one side. Once done, and the cheese is ready, put the cheese on the untoasted side and put back under the grill. Watch it like a hawk!! It will brown up quite quickly. Serve with onion marmalade or tomato chutney and a side of salad.