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Imagine all the most nutritious oils, Coconut, Sesame and Neem, all produced by one company, in a sustainable, health conscious way…sound too good to be true, throw in two super foods, Moringa and Baobab powder too! Cocopure not only has it all but does it all too. On the marvelous Malindi coast line this company adds value to an assortment of crops that the local community grow.

Their Products 

Cocopure’s pure virgin Coconut Oil is made by selecting the best, fresh, mature, organic coconuts from the farms in the surrounding region and use cold processing to produce the oil. It has an aroma of fresh coconut that is pleasant for applying on the skin and hair but also for consuming orally to gain the many health benefits.

Neem Oil 

Hidden in a fruit that turns yellow when it ripens, a hard shell contains the elusive seed inside that the oil comes from. As always Cocopure buy only local, seeds are procured from the local farming communities. This has provided them with an additional income with no investment as the neem tree is the most hardy and maintenance free tree on this earth! Cocopure then dry them and press them.

Moringa Powder

Shooting for the skies the Cocopure Moringa trees are grown naturally and are free from chemicals. The bright green colour a reflection of the nutrients this powerful plant packs. The fresh leaves are harvested, dried and turned into powder in a controlled environment amplifying the nutrients. That is how we bring you ‘The Miracle Tree In A Jar’.


This golden delight comes from the Cocopure farm in Malindi where the Moringa is grown. It also contains a wide variety of fruit trees such as coconut, citrus varieties, mangoes, sapota, indian almond, sidr, passion fruit and neem trees that the bees hop between them, casually working their pollinator magic. The bees forage on this diverse range of trees hence the honey has a unique fruity taste. The honey is raw, unprocessed and organic. It is seasonal and therefore may not always been in stock.

Local Community Support 

Cocopure produce all their products from raw materials sourced locally from the local communities and farmers be it neem, baobab, coconut, copra or sesame. we support hundreds of families in the process. Being based in one of the poorer counties in Kenya, Kilifi county, buying their products provides incomes for a large percentage of the marginalised communities. For example, the Cocopure team are adding value by encouraging local communities to harvest their baobab pods hence providing them with an income and encouraging conservation. We hope these trees will stand tall and grow for millennia!

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