Coronation Turkey

Those of you who follow us on social will know that my husband is a true child of the 70’s and boy does he love a bit of coronation chicken. So when we had stacks of turkey leftover I decided to just apply our usual recipe to that – and here’s how it goes!


500g cooked turkey – some people like it shredded, others more chunky. Make it to your desire.
200ml plain yoghurt
200ml mayonnaise
3 tblsp chutney (we like the Kampi Kitchen ginger chilli one or their tomato chutney)
2 tblsp curry powder (although do this slowly, and keep tasting)
Salt & Pepper


Combine the yoghurt and mayonnaise. Add in the chutney and curry powder (slowly, so that you get the right balance), and then season if necessary. Mix thoroughly with the turkey and allow to sit. If you want to make it jazzy, sprinkle some toasted almonds on top along with some herbs – I recommend parsley or coriander. Enjoy piled on toasted sourdough, sandwiched in a fresh baguette or with baked potatoes.





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