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Daillies Organic

est. 2014 | employees 15

The worlds demand for spices grew throughout the Roman era and into the medieval period, defining economies from India to Europe. This demand gave rise to some of the first truly international trade routes and shaped the structure of the world economy in a way that can still be felt today.

Compared to these ground-breaking beginnings, the nature of the spice trade is almost unrecognizable today, however some things have remained constant throughout the centuries, including the places that remain key spice growing regions – an example is the Kenyan coast where Daillies Organic is located today.

The Farms 

Daillies Organic is a specialty business that only produces limited volumes of selected spices and nuts. Daillies Organic own two farms. One is close to the sandy beaches of Kilifi on the Kenyan Coast. Here, the ideal conditions of heat, humidity and rain fall are perfect for spice growing. The farm is shaded by a 100 Neem trees, planted for carbon cycle management and for the seeds to make neem cake (the best organic fertilizer we use on the farm). The second farm is located near the snowcapped Mount Kenya, where volcanic soils coupled with colder conditions support the growth of Macadamia trees. Partnering with the local community to source organic animal manure from neighboring farms has allowed Daillies to become organic certified in recent years.

Spices Today 

The founders of the 100% Kenyan company believe in the principle of – One is only as healthy as what they eat! One of the biggest challenges to this vision was the widespread use of unhealthy additives and preservatives used in the preparation of spices and the counterfeits and weight add ons further adding to this. The scariest being that consumers are mostly unaware of this and the danger in these practices. The founders thought that their small contribution to this problem could be to set up and promote the natural and healthy production of spices.

All Organic

Daillies Organic describe their organic practices as simply working with nature, not against it. To control pests, techniques such as crop rotations and extra spacing between crops to reduce disease and pest spread are used. Neem cake as mentioned before is a fabulous manure and neem leaves are crushed and mixed with water for use as an organic pesticide. Producing in bulk organically is not feasible and weight conversion once spices are dried is even lower, so you can see why the temptation to include add ons is there. However, Daillies commit to their promise to only package what is real and organic. Because of the small-scale nature of our production, it is rare to find Daillies products on the supermarket shelf. They only chose to supply through specialty brands who carry the same values and philosophy as they do; so we at Green Spoon are honored to stock their products.

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est. 1986 | employees 20
Coconut, Sesame, Neem oil

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