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Dark Tusk Coffee

est. 2016 | employees 20

Close your eyes and imagine a truly mesmerising morning cup of coffee. Its richness and intensity with fruity notes and delicate floral aromas are characterised by a citrusy accent that balances well with notes of rosemary and tea. Dark Tusk is a start up with a purpose of investing with key partners in the food and beverage industry who have short and efficient supply chains in Africa to develop high quality products under the Dark Tusk brand.

Farm to Coffee Cup 

Dark Tusk sources its coffee from various East and Central African countries, specifically 5 different origins, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda and the DR Congo. The coffee beans come from a single origin and are specialty coffee, which means they are among the top 5% best coffee beans in the world. 

The journey of the coffee bean begins with ethically sourcing the coffee directly from farms. At the selected farms, the red ripe coffee cherries are handpicked off Arabica trees to ensure the best quality coffee beans are selected. Once the coffee cherries are carefully harvested, the coffee beans are separated from the flesh using the washed process also known as the wet process. This preferred method of processing provides consistency in the flavour of the bean as well as the roasting outcome. The green coffee beans arrive at the roasting facility where they are carefully roasted and prepared using advanced techniques to give a rich, sensational taste and inviting aroma unique to Dark Tusk Coffee.

Fair Trading 

The dark Tusk team are firm believers in trading fairly for a more equitable and just world, that’s why they work so closely with their partners to ensure the farmers get the best possible price for their quality coffee beans. To us this is a principle worth supporting to maintain their livelihoods. In collaboration with these partners, they ensure that the farmers have the right tools and machinery for increasing production and quality. The benefits of direct trade enable investment, through their partners, with the farmers to ensure they obtain high yields and higher payout. For example, the production of coffee beans throughout the Othaya Cooperative Society has increased by 161.2%and annual payout to the 15,000 members has increased by 212.2%.

Quality attributes

  • The first certified organic coffee roasting facility in Kenya. The organic certification has been approved by ECOCERT which is an international inspection and certification body for sustainable development. The organic standard is in line with the provisions of regulation (EC) No 834/2007.
  • FSSC 22000 (ISO 22000). Food Safety System Certification, which demonstrates robust Food Management Systems.
  • Coffee laboratory will be the first in Kenya to become SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association) certified.
  • State of the art coffee roasting machines.
  • Packaging laboratory to conduct pressure tests and air composition analysis of our final products to ensure that the packaging is properly sealed and free of oxygen.
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