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Edith openly admits that the motivation to start Edibowl came from a place of pure hunger! Craving a bowl of spaghetti bolognaise one day she went to search the supermarket isles for a jar of bolognaise sauce. When she found the right shelf, she was astonished at the price of the sauces and the fact that they were all imported. Why don’t we have affordable local brands on the super market shelf she asked herself as she walked out empty handed and still hungry… 

Story of the sauces 

On a mission to make her own bolognaise sauce using local, easily accessible ingredients, Edith wrote about her experience experimenting with recipes on a blog she had just started writing at the time. Edith’s Bolognaise sauce soon became her signature dish at home for friends and family. A push from a friend to take her sauce to the Kula Kula festival seemed totally out of Ediths league, however after much persuasion she went to the event feeling totally unconfident with her simple, hearty, homemade 15 jars of bolognaise sauce. The response she received from people tasting her sauce at the festival was out of this world and she left after selling out in hours. 

In urgent need to answer the questions streaming in about shelf life, ingredients, how to use the sauce…Edith attended Kenyan industrial research and development institute (KIRDI) to try and standardize her sauces and develop new flavors. Edibowl was quickly coming to life and Edith’s passion for local manufacturing was blooming. 


Whilst studying at KIRDI, Edith learnt how to choose her ingredients better so that she did not have to use colorings agents such as tomato paste or imported garlic as she didn’t know how to handle and use the trickier local garlic. It was these small yet revolutionary adjustments that make Edibwol sauces so raw, pure and fundamentally 100% local. Attending fruit and veg markets daily, her kitchen sink would pile high with plump, ripe and fresh tomatoes and other local veg for the production of her sauces. 

Curbing post-harvest loses

While expanding her network with multiple local farmers, the problem of food waste and post-harvest losses became more prevalent and began to eat away at Edith. On a mission to try and curb this issue, Edith now, makes use of the very ripe, juicy peppers and tomatoes that the farmers would not be able to sell as they are classed as overripe now. Edith explains that at this stage, the veg are perfect for use in her sauces, they are bright in colour, rich in flavour and have little water content. She now provides a solution to waste problem that so many farmers face today by buying their overripe produce. Cutting out any middle men, dealing directly with the farmers and giving them a fair price, Edith is playing an incredible part in the mission ‘buy Kenya, build Kenya!’

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