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Farmer Max

est. 2018 | employees 20

Farmer Max is a 2018 start-up farming venture situated near Timau, northern Kenya. They aim to produce the highest quality meat products on the market, starting with broilers (meat chickens). Max wanted to farm in a way that did not require large corporations but pursue his passion for agriculture on an individual scale. He soon became amazed by the positive effects of regenerative farming and producing nutritiously dense food. He says it is incredibly inspiring to do something that you truly feel good about. He believes that we need to go beyond sustainability and actually start regenerating for future generations. 

About the Founder

Max has been in agriculture for over 10 years. However, his motivation to start Farmer Max chickens was wanting to produce the right sort of food. Having three young children who never used to eat chicken because Max and his wife did not want them to consume commercially raised chicken, filled with hormones and antibiotics, Max started his growing his own. The lifestyle of raising his children in an environment that connected them to the food they consume and, in an environment that they see as healthy has always been important to Max. 

Pasture Raised

Farmer Max chickens are given a fresh piece of pasture every single day. Their mobile coops are moved every morning to a new lush part of the pasture, giving them new foraging ground to scratch and run around in a natural manner. Because of this constant movement, the chickens fertilize the ground they have been on but never stay in the same place long enough for bacteria and nasties to build up and infect them. As a result of this, they are never given antibiotics as they live healthy and happy lives. To supplement their hybrid breeding, they are given the best chicken feed available on the Kenyan Market. Finally, when their time comes, they are harvested humanely in small batches in the farm-owned processing facility. 

Regenerative Farming 

Farmer Max practices management intensive grazing methods to restore soil fertility and ensure the raising of happy, healthy animals. Regenerative farming with tomorrow in mind is all about the soil. Farmer Max’s methods both sustain and improve the land by increasing fertility by depositing large amounts of manure, on a small piece of land, over a short period of time and letting it rest before coming back to it. Manure increases organic content which in turn increases the soils ability to hold water leading to more microbial life generating lusher, greener, multi-species pastures. Max follows the renarrative ethos that the more diverse the healthier the system. He explains this in the concept of nature, saying that you never get monocultures of animals or crops in nature, it just doesn’t work like that. With this in mind, the farm integrates, broilers, layers, pigs, cattle and horses to create a healthy, happy mix.

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