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Frenchmaid Bakery

est. 1986 | employees 20

Turning 34 years old in 2020, Frenchmaid Bakery located in Parklands, Nairobi, is one of the most authentic bakeries around. It just so happens that this was the same bakery Juliet’s grandmother would go to for her bread all those years ago! Stemming from a point of pure passion, the business has grown from strength to strength with that very passion being the secret ingredient! Aliya believes that the reputation they have held is based on quality and consistency. Customer feedback has fueled the development of the business, resulting in the assortment and varieties of baked goods we have come up with. “We also take great pride in keeping up with the growing demands of the dietary demands of an increasingly health conscious society. This is what makes us unique.” 

About the owners 

Frenchmaid Bakery is a true family business opened and run on pure passion for baking. It begun with Aliya and *(brother)’s, the current owners, grandmother and parents in 1986. With a mixture of hobbies ranging from bread from their dad, cakes form their mum and samosas and Mandazi’s from their grandmother, a small bakery was opened in High Ridge, Nairobi. Growing up with the smell of baking and free sweet treats and fresh bread on tap, Aliya and * literally lived and breathed baking. Aliya openly admits that her passion lies in eating the goodies rather than making them and so puts her amazing communication and marketing skills to good use whilst her * takes up the operations side, a perfect team! 

‘Love baked in every bite’ 

This is the Frenchmaid Bakery strap line. When Aliya speaks about this short phrase you can tell that is was more than just branding but a deep sense of values and principles. She explained how their bakers’ moods genuinely affect the quality of the products they make, if they arrive in the morning feeling negative, it is reflected in the goods they produced that day. Beginning the day with a prayer and an open conversation with all the employees has turned the bakery into a safe place that resonates positive energy and ensures that anyone involved in the bakery is baking with happiness and love. ‘It doesn’t cost a cent to be nice’ Aliya once said, and this just shows how the Bakery functions. 

Gluten Free

Frenchmaid bakery has the most amazing selection of gluten free products. Their gluten free journey, much like the starting of the bakery itself, began in the most humble and passionate way. A customer who had become a dear friend from years of visiting the bakery inquired about making a gluten free bread for their granddaughter who reacted horribly to gluten products. With sheer determination to help their friend, the Bakery set about experimenting with a bag of buckwheat flour. After much more trial and error, the Bakery succeeded in finding the perfect blend of gluten free flours to not only produce Gluten free bread but a range of products. The Bakery now conducts a machine wash every day and takes as much care as possible in eliminating contamination in a traditional artisanal bakery.

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