GreenSpoon goes Electric ⚡️

We are thrilled and excited to announce that we have partnered with Drive Electric, and we now have an electric car doing up to 50% of our deliveries!

The purpose of the partnership is to reduce our carbon footprint, and bring you a greener service all round. As you are probably aware, GreenSpoon is keenly focussed on being a business for good, and the switch to electric means we are reducing our carbon footprint as we deliver orders around Nairobi. The electric van is an Nissan ENV-200 and is able to do up to 200 miles on a full charge. Our deliveries, however, require a lot of stopping and starting, so to begin with we will restrict the use of the van to deliveries within Karen, Langata, and as far as Lavington, whilst we work out the mileage that can be realistically achieved.

The move is also aimed to bring awareness to our customers that electric cars are available in Kenya, better for the planet, easy to manage and cheaper to run. We hope that through our partnership with Drive Electric, more of our customers might look to buy an electric vehicle!

The Future of Mobility is Electric. Transport is one of the main sources of urban air pollution. This sector contributes approximately one quarter of all energy related carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. Fuel consumption by transport is expected to increase rapidly due to urbanization and economic growth, so it really is the right time to switch to EVs.

Switching to EVs is an absolute win for you and our environment and benefits you in multiple ways;

  • Lowering your costs by up to 70% is good enough reason to switch
  • Low maintenance costs due to minimal wear & tear from the propulsion system
  • Zero emissions
  • Smoother acceleration
  • The lowered center of gravity improves on safety of the vehicle
  • Regenerative braking adds mileage to the car owner
  • Reduced noise pollution