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The future is Green – and B Corp!

We are incredibly proud and very excited 🎉 to officially be certified as Africa’s first grocery retail B Corporation. This makes us Kenya’s 24th B Corp – and makes us a member of a growing movement that recognises businesses for good.

Why B Corp for Greenspoon? 

We first came across B Corp (and opened our application) in 2019, but it went fallow as other things came up – like Covid, having another baby, getting investment on board, and moving into a new phase of growth. But this time last year (October 2021) we doubled down and started again on the application. 

As a mission-led and values-driven company, we deeply believe in the power of business to affect change. Whilst we all, as individuals, need to make better choices to nurture planet earth, businesses have a huge responsibility for change-making. As Greenspoon, we are rain dancers for change; we often find ourselves treading where other businesses have not (or will not) because we know that change is the most urgent requirement for today’s world. B Corp is a growing movement for change, and the certification looks at all elements of a business. 

There is no planet B.

We love the B Corp mission, which is to transform business across the globe to be a force for good. The evidence is crystal clear: there is no planet B and unless we can all make like Elon and build rockets to create a new life on Mars, we need to make changes quickly. Actually, even if I had the means of Musk, I would rather live on this beautiful blue and green marble of a planet than any other. Maybe you can take a moment right now to pause and look outside – and feel the magic of the great ecosystem we are part of. We need to stop seeing ourselves as separate to it – we are deeply interconnected with everything and this Mother Earth is ours to nurture, not to pillage. The same goes for business – the days of profit for profits sake, with no consideration for sustainability are over. 

B Corp is a non-profit, transforming the global economy to benefit all people, communities and the planet. As a business that sits in this space, Greenspoon harnesses billowing sails of optimism so push is in the right direction. There is no space for cynicism or defeatism in our world: we have always believed that if you can change the way you consume and think about food, you will change the way you view everything you consume. At the end of the day, even though we are a business, we are just a collection of humans doing our best on a daily basis to do the right thing. And you are with us as part of the collective. 


Qualifying as a B Corp is not straightforward, but in a nutshell we had to show a detailed social and environmental mission. We have a legally binding responsibility to take into account not just the needs and interests of our people, but also the broader community (for us, that’s suppliers, employees, our audience, shareholders, and anyone who comes into the Greenspoon ecosystem), and of course the environment too. We’ve paid an annual fee, and we’ll complete a B Impact Report every three years. To be honest, we have not got the score we wanted – an 83.5 is OK but not brilliant, so we know there is a lot more we need to do! As a start up, it’s not easy, but we know it’s important. 

A force for (good) change

The reality is: our planet is warming up, more and more species and ecosystems are becoming endangered, and we are all affected. In Kenya, and at Greenspoon, we hear about climate change daily. Farmers tell us their stories of struggling because of changing weather patterns, the impact that has on their own livelihoods but also on all those in their ecosystem, which of course includes us as their customers and you as our customers. We believe that in today’s world, there is no excuse for any business to ignore the warning signs. Going after growth for the sake of profit alone is a fast track way to miss out on opportunities that can help regenerate the planet, and strengthen our communities and social systems. 

When you choose to support a B Corp, you’re supporting a business that puts people and planet before profit. At Greenspoon, this idea is the heart and soul of what we do, every day. Vote with your wallet, vote with your tastebuds, and choose businesses that are doing something awesome. Business is the most powerful force on the planet, so let’s harness it to change the world. 

About B Corps:

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