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GreenspoonGo launches: delivery in under 3 hours.

We’re super excited to bring you GreenspoonGo

We’re super excited to bring you GreenspoonGo – our super speedy delivery service for those times when you need things in a hurry. Our promise is to deliver to you in under 3 hours, remaining as sustainable as possible. 

How it Works

The shopping process remains the same, however, at checkout, you will have a choice to select between Free shipping, Click and Collect and GreenspoonGo.

GreenspoonGo enables you to get your pantry essentials in a fraction of the time. You will still experience our excellent customer service and our happiness delivery officers, the only difference is they will come on bikes.

We’ll be using as many electric bikes as possible for these deliveries, and when we can, we’ll consolidate with other orders to ensure the carbon footprint isn’t crazy! We have partnered with ROAM and Fika to use the latest and greatest technology that is available in terms of electric motor bikes. We are also keeping our minimum order value to Kshs 2,000 because, well it just doesn’t make sense from a planet or business point of view to deliver one thing at a time. 😉

To reduce our carbon footprint, we will try where possible to consolidate orders going to the same route. If unfortunately you are unreachable we will give you a standard 10 minute wait period – after which the rider will proceed to deliver the other orders and then come back to deliver yours. If you are still unreachable then the goods will return to the warehouse for next day delivery.

For instance, if you don’t feel like cooking, or if you’ve run out of pantry items, you can place an order between 8am and 7pm, pay a delivery fee of Kshs 200, and expect to receive your items within 3 hrs of placing your order. If you place your order after 5pm and still select GreenspoonGo, your order shall be delivered the next day between 8am and 11am.

What we can and can’t deliver

In the beginning, we will not be able to offer our super fresh items like Mlango Farm, Forest Foods, Pomona Juices, and other bakery items – we are working on this. This is because these producers harvest or make their products super fresh for us twice a day, and at the moment, it’s not possible to get their products in time. We will also not be able to deliver on some pantry items that suppliers may have not delivered prior to your order. Best thing is, our other delivery options will cater for such items!

The great news is that you will be able to buy things like meat, cheese, wine, and dry items. You will be able to get all your pantry essentials that we already have in stock, and we do not necessarily need to have them delivered by suppliers on the same day. We can definitely deliver to you super quick, just in time to prepare your supper or a last minute party!

Look at GreenspoonGo like your back-up system for deliciousness! We recommend making your standard order once a week, and include all the goodies that are freshly harvested, then add other orders with GreenspoonGo as you need them. 

We hope with this service, you will be able to get all you need from us, and within good time. As it’s a new feature, we are still looking to tweak things here and there, and your input on how we can make the process more seamless will be highly appreciated. Cheers!

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Order before 10pm and get it delivered next day before 3pm. Order before noon and get it delivered today. Order GreenspoonGo for delivery within 3 hours between 8am and 7pm! Minimum of KShs 2,000 for delivery.
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