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est. 2015 | location Kikuyu

Another family business from sisters Megan and Alison Root, proudly women-run, Grounded is a business with consumer health and environmental well-being at its center.
Having a young child in Kenya, it came to Megan’s attention that there were no economical non-toxic home cleaning options available on the market. Megan believes that what you put on your dishes and clothes should be as safe as what you put on your body.
Megan and a team of Kenyan chemical engineers set about developing a line of non-toxic products tailored to Kenya. Now, 5 years later, Grounded manufactures over 30 products locally.

What makes Grounded unique?

They’re Local

Grounded believes deeply in the #buyKenyabuildKenya movement and is a certified Made In Kenya brand. They’re proud and lucky to have access to Kenya’s vast array of agricultural, agri-processed, and manufactured products.

Grounded sources 100% of their ingredients locally! Is it cheaper? Sometimes no! But they believe deeply in creating jobs across the local and regional value chain.

Grounded’s developed locally tailored products based on the available supply chain. Instead of making a traditional Castile soap with olive and castor oils, Grounded uses locally produced coconut (Kwale), canola, and sunflower oils to make a multipurpose liquid and solid soaps, with all of the benefits of a European Castile soap.

Additionally, their packaging is 100% locally sourced and made of recycled plastic. Some products, like their citrus cleaning concentrate, use citrus peels to infuse limonene into the cleaning liquid. Those peels would otherwise have been headed for the compost!

They’re Non-Toxic

Grounded discloses 100% of their ingredients as they have nothing to hide! This means:

○ No Carcinogens
○ No Palm Oil
○ No Petroleum Products
○ No Synthetic Fragrances
○ No Hormone Disruptors
○ No Parabens
○ No Phthalates
○ No Sulfates

They are safe for all of your loved ones.

New studies show prolonged interaction with conventional cleaning products can cause as much damage as smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Additionally, things like artificial fragrances can contain known hormone disruptors – which can be extremely harmful to children’s development.

Other than affecting our health and well-being, without proper wastewater treatment, many of these chemicals run off into Kenya’s beautiful ecosystem.

Grounded takes environmental stewardship seriously – from local sourcing, to green manufacturing, to sustainable packaging, to biodegradable products – every aspect of Grounded’s processes and products keeps the consumer and our ecosystem in mind.

They’re Effective

We know what you’re thinking – are they strong enough then? YES they are, we can guarantee that these products are just as effective as conventional cleaning products. Grounded products were developed by Kenyan engineers for Kenyan households.

They are also concentrated because they are made without any added (often chemical) fillers that are common in conventional products.

2kgs of laundry powder gives you 66 washes vs. conventional detergents that would only give you 10. And for any changes in how to use the products, Grounded provides user guides and has a training hotline.

Finally – many of their products are multipurpose – so no need to buy a million cleaning products when just a few superhero products like Pure Soap can be used in up to 15 different ways!

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