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Highland Castle Farms

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Born and raised on the foothills of Mount Kenya, reared to the highest of welfare standards with plenty of space to explore, be sociable, and shade to retreat to in the heat of the day. We provide for our healthy, happy pigs; fresh bedding, locally sourced food, a plentiful supply of water, and lots of tender loving care.

Much like the name suggests, in the highlands of Burguret lives a bunch of happy pigs. A small scale, non-intensive farrow to finish pig farm is part of the holistic system that Tim and Maggie Hobbs, the Founders, have created. You may recognize Tim and Maggie’s names from the beautiful Tambuzi scented garden roses that we also stock. Pigs and roses, an interesting mix…but they definitely do more than make this combination work. Cleverly, these two systems work with each other to create amazing produce whilst safeguarding the environment around them.  

Happy Healthy Pigs 

A hybrid of Large White, Landrace and Duroc, the Highland Castle Farm (HCF) pigs are housed in spacious outdoor pens wher they live wholesome, stress free lives. Able to root around and carry out natural pig behavior in their outdoor pens is a major factor of the highest ethical animal husbandry that HCF strive to maintain. Farrowing our pigs (mums having babies) on the same sight that the pigs are raised and then eventually humanely slaughtered, means that the stress experienced when transporting pigs is not an issue. This not only contributes to much happier pigs but also to much tastier and tender meat. It also means that HCF have full control of their farming and processing methods so there is not a chance for any welfare or health issues to arise in their supply chain. 

Smelly Pigs and Scented Roses 

This is small scale pig farm is an intricate part of the holistic management system used to improve land, grow nutritious food and practice regenerative farming methods that Tim and Maggie have set up. One moment your engulfed by the gorgeous fragrance of Tambuzi’s scented garden roses and the next a waft of muddy pigs shocks your nostrils! But that is part of the charm of this Farm. An amazing closed circle of inputs and outputs pulses around the Farm. The pigs manure fertilizes the rose bushes, the waste from the rose bushes supplements the feed for a black soldier fly farm, and the black soldier fly provide a high protein, natural, local feed for the pigs.


The pigs are not reared outdoors due to the risk of serious illness carried by wild warthogs in the area but as mentioned HCF have made sure that their animals live in large pens with access to an outside area where they can lay out in the sun. The pigs are fed with high quality local feed and the use of growth hormones or any other unnecessary drugs are prohibited. This is carried through to the processing unit where none of the fresh meat is ever injected with brine nor are any artificial additives or chemicals are added to the processed meats. Whether it’s fresh prime cuts you’re after or tasty sausages and bacon, the HCF master butcher has specially selected the best quality meat for you to enjoy. Their juicy sausages have a very high meat content for a unique and gourmet experience and only natural and non-GMO ingredients are used.

All of our pork is butchered and packaged on our farm by the Highland Castle Farms Butchers.

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