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Kampi Kitchen

location Kampi ya Moto, Kenya | employees 3

Kampi Kitchen’s products are made from locally grown fruit and vegetables and Jessica Jensen, the founder, strongly believes in supporting this home market.

Gooseberry, Ngugi Strawberry, Susan Matunda, Daniel Fruity and giggles and she wonders what name all of her brilliant producers give her in their phone book – perhaps Mama Mango she suggest?!

Jessica’s truly homemade condiments are free from any chemicals, preservatives and colour agents. They are homemade, fresh and local! 

About the Founder 

Jessica Jensen learnt the art of making preserves and pickles from her mother-in-law who came to Kenya when she was just 13 years old. Living through a war and a recession had taught her Norwegian mother-in-law to cook and make things out of things in her kitchen cupboard, Jessica too inherited this way of producing delicious jarred goodies. Starting out as a stay at home mum and housewife in Kitali, Jessica needed a project and a bit of pocket money, so she began making and selling batches of jams and marmalades for the local club, friends and family. Jessica explained how things mushroomed as her and her family moved to Nakuru where she was asked to supply marmalades, jams and pickles to a roadside veggie shop. Now with her mother-in-laws recipes only slightly modified to suit seasonal fruit and veg availability, she producers her wonderful condiments under the brand name Kampi Kitchen. 

Homemade production 

All of the Kampi Kitchen products are made from Jessica’s home kitchen with the help of three other ladies who have worked with her for many years. A team of four, Jessica shops and plans whilst her three ladies’ slice, dice, stir and test to get it ‘just right’ and put their passion and joy into every batch. Jessica’s close connection with and care for the health and welfare of these three ladies and their families is a huge part of the opportunity for economic empowerment that the Kampi Kitchen brings. 

Sourcing Ingredients 

One of Kampi Kitchen’s goals is to be able to offer practical advice to the producers, working towards more organic farming techniques in order to create healthier yields that she can then use in her products. Jessica explains how sourcing her ingredients has taken her on many adventures of the years, through ‘downtown’ Nakuru looking for mustard seeds and spices in the Indian spice shops, fruit and veg in the markets and roadside wheelbarrows, and picking from friends’ gardens. Using seasonal fruit and veg means that her product list can vary throughout the year.

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