Single Estate coffee from the Kariithi farm outside Thika

Just outside Nairobi, not far from Thika, is Karunguru Coffee Estate, established as a 300-acre farm in 1928 by the Glassford family. Today, it is owned by the Kariithi family, which has grown it to be a 500-acre estate. The first variety planted was SL28 (described as “A selection, by Scott Labs in Kenya from the Tanganyika Drought Resistant variety in 1931. Excellent flavour, commonly blackcurrant acidity”). Today there is a mix of SL28, Ruiru II and Batians Variety on the farm, tended carefully by the family and their team of workers. Excellent soil and good climatic conditions mean that a high quality of coffee is produced from this estate. The coffee beans are handpicked, taken through wet processing and dried in the tropical sun. They are then roasted in a speciality roaster. Karunguru is 100% Arabica, 100% single origin, 100% glorifies the farmer!

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