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Kenya Nut Company

est. 1972 | employees 502

From the first seed planted in 1972, to the first worker hired and the first nut cracked, Kenya Nut Co is now one of the leading macadamia nut processors in the world. Their vision to be the brand of choice in Africa and their mission to profitably create and provide superior products for their customers in a friendly working environment, we would say has been achieved! We love their transparent and fair relationships with all of their stakeholders and above all, we love the nuts they produce. 


Beginning in the Kenyan highlands with a focus on macadamia and cashew nuts, they have grown to employ over 4,000 people, operating on 7 farms over 8,000 acres. Their cashew nut factory was established in 1998 as a pilot project on the Kenyan coast, in Malindi. It soon became evident that there was a huge local and international demand for cashew nut products. So, in the year 2000, their sister processing operation was set up in Thika. Between 1998 and 2004, the raw material procurement department expanded to 5 operational areas: Lamu, Malindi, Kilifi, Msambweni and Shimba Hills. Currently the company is among the key stakeholders in the delicious African cashew nut! 

Their Farms

Something we love about Kenya Nut Co is their transparency the whole way through their supply chain, from seedlings to ready-for-sale, we know that the people, environment and product are healthy. On their farms, large dams harvest and store rainwater during the rainy season and use it for irrigation during the dry season. All of their macadamia husks are composted to manure and used to improve their soils. 

Their People

When talking about their employees, Kenya Nut Co, boast of the passion and pride that their employees apply themselves to their daily tasks. It is through this comradery and motivation that Kenya Nut Co are able to achieve and surpass the amazing quality of their products. Therefore, caring for this vital part of the company is only natural; full free medical cover, including in-house medical facilities is provided for all employees. ‘Everyone relies on the team, and the team relies on everyone’. 

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