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A small business run from her home in Karen, Nairobi, Heather Cuthbert is the founder of Nuts about Nutrition. Although she assures us that she was not always this nuts about nutrition, Heather is now a brain box when it comes to anything food related. Working as a nutritional therapist practitioner, she has seen first-hand the power of good nutrition. Through her products and cookbook, she is able to share this holistic approach to health and wellbeing and show you that nutty concoctions and sugar-free treats can be even more delicious than you would have ever thought.

About the Founder 

Heather is nuts about nutrition! She truly believes that nutrition is the ultimate pathway to a healthy, happy and long life. Born and bought up in Kenya where food is always so fresh and wild, straight from the rich Kenyan soils with minimal processing and distances to travel to get to your plate. Her love for nutrition and the science of food stemmed from an early interest in its ability to significantly impact your mind as well as your body. Moving on to study Anatomy and postgraduate studies in Personal Training and Nutritional Therapy, her knowledge and understanding of the ingenious works of the body have flourished. 

Channeling this into her products 

Heather spends every opportunity she can in the kitchen, developing new recipes, experimenting with ingredients and flavours. She specializes in creating meals that target particular health conditions, body system and deficiencies, to free from and raw food snacks and meals. With just one employee and a little kitchen garden, Heather musters up the delicious and yet consciously healthy products that you can find on here. The majority of her ingredients are sourced locally through business that you may also recognize from our platform – Twajenga, Kenyan Nut Co and Kentaste. All business that we support due to their positive and conscious impact on Kenya and their customers. 


Heather has shared some of her easy to prepare, nourishing food that can have the most powerful and positive effects on the mind and body in her amazingly informative and fun cook book. From wholesome breakfast ideas that start your day right to energizing snacks and comforting mains. Packed with information gained form her extensive studies and experience as a nutritional therapist, she talks about the 3 macronutrients in detail, an ‘ideal plate’ and blood sugar balancing. Through her philosophy to eat unrefined, natural food that does nothing but good to the body, she teaches you how to eat purposefully. If you’ve already got your hands on this amazing cookbook, don’t worry, Heather has let out a little secret that she is currently working on her next book.

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