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Ol Kerii

est. 2007

Situated in the thick foothills of the Nguruman Hills, Ol Kerii Farm is run by Philip Leaky and his wife Katy. In this very remote part of Kenya, the Maasai and their cattle are the ones who roam these beautiful Hills. Becoming an intricate part of the community in this area has given Ol Kerii the opportunity to produce delicious condiments such jams, chutneys and honey as well as grow luxury white Chia Seeds. 

Conservation and farming 

Not only is their farm to table approach to agriculture all organic but the huge areas of Wetlands and Marula forests have been conserved in the making of Ol Kerii’s products. By sourcing Marula nuts, for mouthwatering Mural jelly, from small scale producers located in Tanzania and southern Kenya; thousands of Maural trees have been preserved and their value as trees been understood. These trees once cut down for fire wood or building material are now nurtured and grown by locals to produce the best nuts. 


If you ever get the opportunity to talk to Philip or Katy, you will understand immediately, by the passion in their voice, how Ol Kerii has become an intrinsic part of the Massai community. The health of the local community is what has driven the success of the beautiful organic farm. However, this was not always the case; Katy and Philip have had to work closely with the local midwives and teachers on a coeducational basis to bring the local school from the bottom of the listings to third in the area and decreased deaths from child birth form one a month to almost nil. Their philosophy – a healthy lifestyle for all resonates in the way that Ol Kerii functions throughout.

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