Bateleur Beer is the brainchild of a young entrepreneur, who acquired Mayers Natural Spring Water and then set about creating a delectable beer without additives or preservatives. He worked closely with a German beer maker who helped research the best methods and ingredients to use in making craft beer in Kenya. The result is four delicious craft beers, each with individual characteristics and names that match their individualism!


Natural Spring Water

Mayers Natural Spring Water and Bateleur Brewery now offer an option to all our customers of a Returnable Glass bottle that will be re-used multiple times. Our returnable glass bottles are capped with a light weight steel crown. The use of sugarcane bagasse to generate superheated steam means that all heating requirements for washing the returnable glass bottles as well as brewing our craft beer generate are carbon neutral. The steam is used to heat the water and detergents in our glass bottle washer. Detergents are re-used and finally neutralised.


Geothermal Power

On the Brewery side the steam is used in the Brew House and is also used for disinfecting our lines. All rinsing water is fed into the neighbouring forest creating a lush environment where flora and fauna thrive. Our supplied electricity comes from the Suswa geothermal plant which is Kenya’s largest source of renewable energy.


Flora & Fauna

Both Mayers Water and Bateleur Brewery are based on a 500 acre ranch surrounded by national forest. We actively manage the property to protect flora and fauna with tree planting initiatives internally and with the neighbouring communities.


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