The smell of freshly baked bread is so intoxicating that supermarkets use it as a way of keeping customers shopping and estate agents leave a loaf in the oven as a sale trick. Can you believe bread could be so powerful?! Scientists have discovered that the smell of bread prompts ‘odor-cued memories’ at a subconscious level that catapults people back to very specific points in their childhood. 

This delicious smell is what fills your nostrils as you walk into BBROOD where, the founders made it their mission to focus solely on the baker and the bread. Naming their bakery BBROOD after the Dutch word ‘brood’ meaning bread, captures the founders’ Dutch origins and places the spotlight all on the bread! 

Traditional Baking 

Today BBROOD has spread from Amsterdam to Uganda and Kenya, bringing their traditional Dutch baking methods with them. With a strong emphasis on the highest quality ingredients and the preparation of sourdough bread, every single loaf is handmade and baked in a clay floor oven. No machines replace the baker’s traditional skillful methods or speed up the intricate and lengthy process of a healthy, hearty loaf of bread. A truly artisanal product! 


Sourdough bread consists of only three ingredients: flour, water and salt which are naturally fermented together. It sounds simple, but don’t be fooled; the process of making sourdough takes about 20 hours, compared to 3 hours for a regular yeast-based loaf of bread. The absence of yeast and the natural fermentation process gives this bread prebiotic properties making it easier to digest than other breads and the probiotic cultures have shown to increase vitamin and mineral absorption. This process also means that absolutely no sugars, preservatives or additives go into this bread, it is in its purest form. And here we through bread could never be healthy!!

People and Planet Initiative

Because of BBROOD’S quality policy, they do not sell bread that is not baked fresh daily. Therefore, inevitably there are sometimes loaves left over in their outlets. Instead of wasting these perfectly edible and delicious loaves, they deliver and donate them to Don Bosco Boys Kuwinda. Don Bosco project provides a home and nourishment to needy children who formally lived or are currently living in the streets. Not only are BBROOD conscious of their community but they take special care to upcycle their emptied flour sacs into trendy bags so to not litter the environment with them. Emptied and cleaned flour sacs are given to Don Bosco who then combine them with Kenyan Kitenge to create a useful bag to sell. 

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