Bees are life. I love bees. I can help with bees and all the beesiness that comes with keeping them: removal, harvesting, queen rearing and other services and products.

As you can see, I am completely at home with bees. They are not afraid of me, and I am not afraid of them. We seem to understand each other, so they are happy to have me handling them” – Leon’s passion for bees begun at young age. Now almost out of his teens, Leon has enormous amounts of beekeeping experience..

About Leon

Kenyan born and raised Leon Croze began bee keeping when he was just 7 years old. With a passion for bees rather than school, he set out to save bees and produce the best honey in the world. With a certain aura and gift required to handle bees and appreciate them for their complex behavioral systems and incredible work ethic; Leon unmistakably has this.

The idea

Alix, Leon’s mum, has always been a conscious consumer and began learning and reading about how to live more plastic free and develop ideas to protect our environment. Doing this she stumbled across an Australian company who made beeswax wraps…this was perfect. Leon’s extensive bee knowledge and passion were undoubtedly suitable to create a product that would help conserve these creatures he loved and help others live a more plastic free life.

The wraps themselves

These funky wraps are made all at home in their family kitchen using an electric range oven which Leon hopes to be able to replace with a Cookswell Jiko when he is able to. The Jojoba oil used in the wraps is sourced locally and the beeswax and pine resin come from local beekeepers. The beautiful patterned fabric is sourced from Malindi and is 100% soft Indian fabric.