Leon Croze is a teenage Kenyan with a passion for bees and beekeeping. He wants to save bees, and produce the best honey in the world. He says “Bees are life. I love bees. I can help with bees and all the beesiness that comes with keeping them: removal, harvesting, queen rearing and other services and products. As you can see, I am completely at home with bees. They are not afraid of me, and I am not afraid of them. We seem to understand each other, so they are happy to have me handling them”.

His beeswax, pine resin and jojoba oil food wraps are a perfect way to reduce the plastic in your household. Simply scrunch them a little with your hands to warm up the wax, before wrapping around a sandwich or over a container in place of clingfilm. Wipe gently with cold water when reusing (don’t immerse in water and certainly not hot water!), and then reuse. When the wax has worn out, use it to start a camp fire or the fire at home.

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