Binti’s Nut Butters

Established in 2015 by Winnie Maganjo, Binti’s is a local nut butter brand taking the market by storm. Winnie is a young entrepreneur, just two years out of education, who had an idea and has made it happen – she’s a classic foodie, enthusiastic about everything and anything to do with food – and especially nuts. Winnie sources her peanuts and cashews from Equatorial Nuts because they produce export quality nuts, and because Equatorial Nuts are transparent about when and how the nuts were harvested and stored; important questions when it comes to quality control. The almonds are imported from California, and our honey comes from Kerio valley region. Our Vanilla for the Espresso Almond Nut Butter comes from Ndali, a farm in Uganda that produces award winning vanilla beans and pods. The ground espresso is from Java.With the almond, peanut and cashew nut butters, they first roast the nuts, and then grind them twice to get a smooth consistency with a little crunch. Grinding the nuts twice is more work, but it means oils and preservatives don’t have to be added to the nut butters: they are 100% nut butter. And you can taste that.

The coconut cashew and espresso almond nut butters are prepared in the same way. The only difference is that the flavors are added once they’re ready.
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