Bio Fresh Milk

It all starts at the farm. We only get fresh milk from dairy farmers we know and trust and who care for their cows. We work together with them to improve feeding and milking practices; ensuring the health and well being of the cows. A healthy and happy cow produces better milk.

We collect and transport the fresh milk straight to our processing plant where the milk is stringently tested. Using the latest dairy pasteurization and bottling technology, we ensure that the milk tastes great, maintains its pure natural goodness and stays fresh for up to 14 days under refrigeration.  We guarantee that our milk is free from any added ingredients or preservatives.

Bio Fresh Milk: setting a new standard for fresh milk quality in Kenya; pure, better tasting milk you can trust and enjoy every day.

Update, September 2019:

At Bio implementing solar power generation and solar heating as part of our Energy Efficiency program considerably reduces our energy consumption for our production process.  This ultimately reduces our dependence on fossil fuel and keeps Kenya cleaner for future generations.
So far we have replaced up to 35% of our energy requirement with fully renewable energy.
As part of our overall sustainability program it contributes to a cleaner Kenya for generations to come.  Our sustainability programs which include but are not limited to are:
  • Recycling of our waste up to 98%
  • Farm support – 40% reduction of carbon emission to the atmosphere
  • Waste water reduction up to 50%
  • Reduction of water usage for cleaning production area up to 50% and up to 85% water for chilling
  • Dairy Development training on improved farming methods including hygiene and best feeding practices to support higher yield of milk cow and at the same time reducing methane emissions – 40% reduction of carbon emission to the atmosphere

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