Böna Factory is providing new concepts of innovative, healthy and easy 100 % plant-based food choices to improve your diet and health. They provide meal and food solutions to increase the diversity in your diet in the easiest possible way. If your gluten free or vegan and just craving a bowl of heartwarming pasta, we highly recommend going over to your stove top and boiling up some water to throw in a handful of Böna’s scrummy lentil pasta, you won’t regret it! 

About the Founder 

Whilst studying Food Science, Sara dreamed of owning an innovative, high-tech dairy factory. However, the more she thought about the more she couldn’t ignore the increasing pressure of climate change and the way in which it threatened the future. The food industry not only needed to change but was also being forced to change by social movements and climatic phenomenas. Sara decided to drop her dairy dream and join the plant-based revolution. To be able to do this truly and wholeheartedly, having her own production company was the only way. Now the awesome Finnish-Kenyan team of Böna Factory are creating plant-based products which unbelievably easy to cook with, healthy, diverse, delicious and simply just good for you and the environment. 

Plant Based Pastas  

It’s a lifestyle, not a diet – Bona Factry preach about educating ourselves and increasing our knowledge around science-based nutritious eating; and although you can always do more…we don’t want you to feel like you can never do enough. That is why just choosing to purchase Böna’s delicious products is a conscious environmental and health friendly decision. Böna makes it easy to be a conscious consumer. Their Bö Lentil Pasta is a great place to start. Bö lentil pasta is super healthy: 24 % protein and 21 % fibre.

It is made from 100 % yellow lentils (chana dals) and is naturally gluten free and vegan.

Suitable for gluten free diet, vegans, vegetarians, flexiterians, foodies and anyone eating good food.