Booch is the brainchild of Eoin Flinn who stumbled across the wonders of Kombucha in 2016. Since his first brew, Booch have perfected the scrummy ginger and berry blend that they sell today. Using the finest Oolang tea in Kenya and a mixture of Kenyan berries and ginger, Booch brew in no more than 5 litre glass jars, just as you would do at home. This small batch, home brewed style makes Booch particularly special in our eyes and we just love their brand. 

Discovery of Kombucha 

The saying – ‘everything happens for a reason’ totally resonates through this story. Eoin picked up a ‘SCOBY’ for his wife Megan in 2016. Being left to ‘look after’ this new pet for a couple of weeks lead Eoin down a rabbit hole of information, intrigue and trial. Starting to experiment with different teas and flavours, conditions and brew times, Eoin was fixated. His new-found interest began to fill their kitchen to the point of overflow and the time he was spending caring for and enhancing his brews was getting unsustainable. So, he rented a new space, hired his first employee, Maureen and started a streamline process whilst maintain the small batch, home brew. 

What is Kombucha 

Kombucha is a fermented tea. The tea is fermented via a SCOBY – a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast – it starts off with very sweet tea but very little of that sugar ends up in the finished product. The sugar fuels the fermentation as the SCOBY digests it and produces a range of organic acids; B vitamins and vitamin C; as well as amino acids and enzymes. And of course, there are all the benefits of the probiotic microorganisms themselves. The final stage of the creation process is an anaerobic ferment which allows the brew to become effervescent and flavoured.

Why Booch is so special 

Because you can drink the most delicious drink and not feel guilty, in fact you are doing something great for your body! The health benefits of Kombucha are only truly met if the kombucha is unpasteurized. Booch’s small batches are not processed in anyway and no artificial flavorings or preservatives are added, so every bit of goodness brewed goes into your bottle and is not compromised. Besides being made in Kenya, all of the ingredients are Kenyan and as close to organic as possible. The Oolang tea is grown and fermented in Kenya, the cane sugar from Western Kenya and the fresh ginger and berry flavourings from farms across Naivasha.