Historically used in to make sweets in Europe due it’s belived medicinal properties, Liquorice has been around for a while. “Oh it’s that aniseed thing, isn’t it?” People often associate the name liquorice with the strong aniseed tastes, think of a shot of Sambuca! Because this Candy’s manufacturing process uses the name liquorice, people assume that the Candy Co’s natural liqourice has this flavour… However once you taste the Confini Co selection of treats you will see that there is a funky flavour for everybody!

Natural Liquorice

One of our main ingredients is wheat flour. As a result, our levels of sugar are lower than conventional liquorice. Based on various consumer feedback, we do not use High Fructose Corn Syrup or Gelatine in our candy which we know can be an issue for vegeterians.It dies change our candy slightly but we have managed to find a recipe that makes our candy just as chewy. Our range of beans also do not have any shellac; shellac is used to make candy shinny. Where ever possible, we try to be as natural in our process to add to our healthy credentials. 99% of all of Confini’s products are manufactured using locally sourced raw materials. 

Confini Co Team 

We are a teeny-weeny family run enterprise that prides ourselves as being the only manufacturer of Licorice candy in the East African region. We are a passionate bunch of entrepreneurs and are constantly evolving and learning through experiences with our customers. As mentioned in our logo – Since Yesterday – we are a day old everyday – we are constantly evolving as we learn from our most trusted friends – our customers & consumers.

The Candy 

In a ‘Yummy’ article, Chandresh Rughani describes their candy – ‘Well, I love the candy. It’s fun to work with. You can have it as an inbetween at 11 o’clock in the morning, or when you are sitting by the computer and want to have a guilty indulgence that’s not so guilty’. He goes on to say that as with their name ‘Confini’ meaning boundaries in Italian, everything within limits is good for you!

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