Crofts is a family run business which was founded in 2013. We are part of the Teeny Fashions Group who have been specialising in garment manufacturing since 1987. The company spent almost two years researching the technologies used in avocado oil production and setting up a strong supply chain by locating and contracting farmers from the Central region of Kenya. We selected the highest quality European machines to be installed and used within our manufacturing facility. The machines have been specifically built for purpose, to ensure we obtain the highest quality extra virgin avocado oil in the most efficient way possible.


Kenyan grown avocados have been making serious headway in the international market. Demand for these in Europe has been growing exponentially over the past decade. We quickly realised the quality of avocado locally is extremely high and with efficient fruit management, we would be able to achieve an incredible quality of oil.

We value our farmers. This is why our farmer contracts are pro-fair trade, and they are treated as invaluable suppliers. Our experienced field officers provide first hand support to the farmers, and advise them on how to keep their trees in good condition to be able to obtain maximum output. We encourage our farmers to sell their best crop to export companies to maximise their incomes.

We are always trying to improve our products and the way we conduct business. We aim to give the farmers back as much as possible, and we are constantly training and advising our farmers on how to get the best out of their trees.

We give our farmers free seedlings to encourage them to grow more avocados and increase their revenues and livelihoods.


Extra Virgin Avocado Oil – 250ml