“While hungry for a tasty pasta meal,  Edith Orego set out on a trip to the supermarket to get some homegrown, homemade pasta sauce goodness only to find an array of imported brands.
This set Edith on a passionate gap-filling journey. She embarked on creating some recipes that would incorporate some of the rich, nutritious and flavourful natural ingredients that are grown in our beautiful country. Thus was Edibowl’s range of Pasta Sauces born.
The Sauces are specifically made to pair up with pasta dishes but they are versatile and can be used in different recipes that are both local and international.
We ensure that our sauces are packed with fresh ingredients and no artificial additives. We do not compromise on quality, therefore, we take time to source for the best.
Our mission is to provide healthier options for cooking and for table sauces even as we offer convenience to our consumers.
We also hope that through making our sauces, we will be a solution to post harvest losses by purchasing farm products directly from farmers.
We purpose to promote the growing and selling of exotic crops like garlics, ginger and peppers, which will empower farmers financially and improve our local communities as we echo the call, “Buy Kenya, build Kenya!”