Elephants and Bees is using beehives to protect 24 farmers on the periphery of Tsavo East National Park and in turn prevent the occurrence of Human Elephant Conflict in an area especially prone to the conflict. The unique location of these small holder subsistence makes them especially vulnerable to crop raiding elephants wandering outside of the park during the dry season in search of palatable crops. A single crop raiding event can leave a farmers crops totally devastated as well as presenting a threat to the farmer and their family’s lives. We have an 80% success rate of deterring elephants from entering farms, we have also seen a change in our farmers attitudes towards elephants, they thoroughly enjoy the activities associated with keeping bees and are benefiting hugely from an elephant friendly alternative source of income.

The Elephants and Bees project is located in Sagalla, south of Voi. Once the beehive fence has been installed we hand the day to day maintenance of the beehives over to the farmer. However our team work closely with the farmers and are responsible for honey harvesting, Elephants and Bees will then buy the honey off the farmers and process the honey in our honey processing unit to then sell on. Each honey jar has the farmers label on it so you know where the honey is coming from and can see the farmers that you are supporting. Click here to read more.

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