Farmer Max is based in Timau, and specialises in free-range chickens raised the old fashioned way: using rich pastures on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. Their natural diet of insects, seeds and grasses is supplemented by grain. No antibiotics, hormones, steroids or arsenic. The result is healthy, happy chickens… and flavoursome, nutritious meat.

Farmer Max is a 2018 start-up farming venture situated near Timau, northern Kenya. They aim to produce the highest quality meat products on the market, starting with broilers (meat chickens). Farmer Max practices management intensive grazing methods to restore soil fertility and ensure the raising of happy, healthy animals. Regenerative farming with tomorrow in mind is all about the soil. Farmer Max’s methods both sustain and improve the land by increasing fertility by depositing large amounts of manure, on a small piece of land, over a short period of time and letting it rest before coming back to it.  Manure increases organic content which in turn increases the soils ability to hold water leading to more microbial life generating lusher, greener, multi-species pastures. Our animals benefit from better pastures by making them healthier