Another one from our wonder women Megan Root, proudly women run, Grounded is a business with consumer health and environmental well-being at its center. Having a young child in Kenya, it came to Megan’s attention that there no economical non-toxic home cleaning options available on the market. Megan believes that what you put on your dishes and clothes should be as safe as what you put on your body. Single handedly Megan set about developing a line of products herself, this task led her into multitudes of research and experimentation of which she used to build her brand grounded.

One of Grounded’s core values is ‘Buy Kenya, Build Kenya’. 95% of all of the ingredients that go into the Grounded products are locally sourced in Kenya. A great example of their innovative ways of staying local is their 100% Kenyan Castile Soap. Traditionally Castile soap is made up of coconut oil and olive oil, however unable to find local olive oil in Kenyan (not surprisingly!), Megan made no comprises to their #buykenyabuildkenya mission and substituted the olive for locally grown sunflower oil. This is now the only 100% Kenyan castile soap that you can find in the Kenyan market and it has all of the amazing features of traditional castile soap; cleansing, moisturizing and environmentally friendly. Not only are ingredients locally sourced at Grounded but they employ the brilliant minds of local Kenyan trained engineers who pioneer their product development and research.   

Chemical free
Conventional cleaning products are filled with chemicals not tested for safety on humans or the environment. Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to cleaning products can disrupt hormones, interrupt child development, cause respiratory issues and allergies, and are linked with cancer. Other than affecting our health and well-being, without proper wastewater treatment, many of these chemicals run off into Kenya’s beautiful ecosystem. Grounded disclose 100% of their ingredients as they have nothing to hide! No parabens, no chemical antibacterials, no artificial fragrances or synthetic foaming agents are ever present in Grounded products. We know what you’re thinking are they strong enough then? YES they are, we can grantee that these products are just as effective as conventional cleaning products, they just may not foam as much or smell as pungent! 

Be kind to your cleaner
If it’s not for yourself, do it for your cleaner. Our cleaners are exposed all day, every day, to these harmful chemicals. New studies show prolonged interaction with conventional cleaning products damages lungs like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day.  Grounded wants to create a more healthy working environment for our helpers and we encourage you to support them in doing this.