Highland castle Farms is a non-intensive farrow to finish pig farm on the slopes of Mt Kenya. The pigs are housed in spacious pens, and live wholesome, stress free lives. We take great care to ensure that we do things right from birth through to butchery. We strive to ensure best practice in all areas of our pigs welfare, ensuring the highest standards of ethical animal husbandry; in short we are dedicated to raising happy, heathy pigs!

The pigs are not reared outdoors due to the risk of serious illness carried by wild warthogs in the area but we have made sure that our animals live in large pens with access to an outside area where they can lay out in the sun. Plans are under way to move the more mature pigs, less susceptible to the cold and other illnesses, to outdoor pens but also out of reach from disease carrying wild animals. The highest quality feed is sourced, where possible, from local farmers.

Our pigs are a hybrid of Large White, Landrace and Duroc, which when combined with the best practices used in raising our pigs , ensures that Highland Castle Farm’s pork is of  the of the very highest quality . We believe our breeding, farming and butchery methods make our pork tender and succulent, with its own unique flavour!

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