Located in Kiambu, Karen Fork Natural Products was started by a team of Kenyans who have a background in chicken farming, with the aim of producing healthy, happy chickens without the use of any antibiotics, hormones, arsenic or unnecessary treatments. With chicken being a staple in so many people’s diets, we at Green Spoon, have selected a few small-scale, ethical and high quality chicken farmers so that all you have to worry about is making a delicious Kuku dish! 

A Chickens Life 

All birds are reared from day-old chicks and kept at their farm in Riara Ridge where they are grown organically. Once old enough to not be a risk to hungry predators outside, the chickens are housed in spacious warehouses for part of the day and allowed out to roam and forage for the other part of the day. The birds are essentially free range and fed on the best quality chicken feeds available in the market, supplemented by coarse ground yellow maize meal grown organically on their own farm without any pesticides or artificial fertilizers, as well as green vegetables (sukuma wiki and spinach) also grown on their farm using organic methods.

Prepared for You 

The chickens are treated humanely and once slaughtered are also treated with care – the bodies are not dipped in boiling water to assist with removal of feathers; instead it is done by hand. All our products are approved by KEBS. Packed whole,their chicken weigh between 1.3 to 2 kgs. These exceptional results are achieved through professional care, natural feeding programme and attention to quality.