Kulal Goats Cheese 

This smooth and creamy goats cheese comes from the Toggenburg goat. This is a swiss breed of dairy goat, thought to be amongst the most productive breeds of dairy goat in the world. 


About the Founder 

Claire Jones was born and raised in Kenya and has been operating as a safari guide and commercial pilot for the last ten years. Having been a keen cook and food enthusiast all her life & with significant entertainment at home, Claire continues to provide “chef training” to lodges & tour operators in Kenya as well as contract catering management to large group safaris and parties. She now runs her Goats cheese business from her beautiful kitchen in her home close to Nanyuki. 


Her Toggenburg Goats

Starting with just 3 goats, Claire’s herd now consists of 27 Toggenburg Goats. This herd of thriving goats are raised lovingly using natural farming methods with a strong focus on holistic care. They roam and browse freely with their herdsman and their diet is supplemented using locally produced wheat products and vegetables from Claire’s own organic vegetable garden with no additional chemicals. They are housed in super clean stalls and milked by hand as they eat, which, the Kulal team believe encourages their relaxed state and happiness. The milk is thick and creamy and the reason their Feta tastes as good as it does is testament to the care that their Goats receive on a daily basis. The herd is a tight family unit of Grandmothers, mothers,daughters, sisters and cousins with a strict integrated breeding system in place.

No bucks are kept with the herd. Every goat has a name not a number.Their cheese products are made by hand using traditional methods, artisanal bynature and with a focus on quality and taste.


Why Goats Cheese 

Goats milk is healthy in so many ways:

  • Easier to digest & healthier alternative to Cow’s milk

  • High in Calcium & other minerals

  • Has specific Health properties – for Lactose sensitivity

  • Contains fewer allergens

  • Good for Cholesterol

  • Goats milk easy on the environment (20x less methane per kg body

  • weight than cows)


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