Laki Laki was founded and is still run by Joost Timpers, a dairy lover from Holland. Giving back to the most vulnerable people of Kenya has always been a passion for Joost. Since his first visit to Kenya in 2004 Joost has been trying to uplift the lives of vulnerable children and people by financing education, small businesses and food and shelter through the Foundation of African Friends. His idea to start a business that produces yoghurts that benefit the consumers health but also have the knock on effect of helping those who are less fortunate, was revolutionary for him. 

Delicious Yoghurts with a Heart 

The Laki Laki products on our platform are not just a delicious yoghurt products. When you buy one you are also supporting a special foundation called the African Friends Foundation. The proceeds support the Ruiru Children Care Center (RCCC), among others. In this orphanage (RCCC), 60 children receive shelter, food, and education. In 2019, Laki Laki began building a new home within RCCC and in February 2020 some of the children were able to move in. It is initiatives like this that show us that business for good really do exist and we are super proud to be able to stock their nutritious and life changing products on our platform.

Natural Products 

All of the Laki Laki products are 100% natural. They do not contain any additives, it is only yoghurt culture and milk from their beautiful herd of 80 Holstein Frisian cows that housed in a state-of-the-art barn where they are fed on alfalfa and maize every day. Their Greek Yoghurt is artisanal made in the same way that the ancient greeks did and some cultures in the Middle-East are still doing it. To thicken it, the yoghurt is hung for 4 hours in a cheese cloth and that is it. No milk powder, starch or thickeners are needed. The fruit flavoured yoghurts are made with 100% fresh fruit sourced from local farmers, if you’re lucky you may even find fresh bits of berries floating around in your pot. Their nourishing probiotic yoghurt drinks are packed full of the LGG Probiotic strain which is amazing for your gut. 

Sustainable Packaging 

Laki Laki have worked really hard to make their packaging as sustainable as possible. All of their packaging is re-usable with 5 litre bulk packaging for hotels and some glass packaging for consumers. Their products are delivered individually in crates so to reduce the amount of plastic transport. Packaging can be returned for recycling.