Organic Savanna 

A simple yet impactful philosophy – that products should not only be made well but also do good. I think we all need to take a leaf out of Organic Savanna’s values and efforts to empower people.

The Green Spoon mission to give consumers the opportunity to shop responsibly is fully mirrored by this wonderful business, Organic Savanna. An all-natural skin care brand, handmade in Kenya using ingredients sourced locally and 100% of the profits being reinvested back into the surrounding communities. 

Supporting Local Communities 

Organic Savanna started in 2016 as a way to empower local women and their families. Celebrating the some of the worlds richest raw ingredients that can be found right here on our African continent, Organic Savanna believe it is essential that farmers and the communities that produce and harvest these ingredients are directly impacted by the profits. Each product sold helps to fund classrooms and educational programs for vulnerable children, clean up the environment, employ women and build up the local economy. Every part of this business is tailored to connect consumers to the women who make the products, the farmers who grow the ingredients and children who are directly benefiting from each sale.

Aloe Vera 

Grown on Organic Savanna’s community farm, aloe vera is a key ingredient used across its products. Aloe leaves are harvested by hand at the peak of maturity to guarantee high quality. Leaves are then cold-pressed to retain the nutrient rich sap. Aloe is then mixed with essential oils from Sudan, Uganda and Kenya. This combination of exotic plants, oils and fragrances is then poured into molds to cure for several weeks. The result-products balancing texture, lather and moisturising properties.

Products and Packaging  

Organic Savanna strives to use 100% recyclable materials as part of its packaging, creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product range. This includes:

Soap: Wrapped by hand in recyclable and biodegradable paper.

Hand Wash and Lotion: Reusable aluminium bottles which can be sent back to be washed, sterilised, refilled and reused.

Lip Balm: Reusable aluminium tin wrapped in biodegradable mud-cloth fabric.

Candles: Upcycled glass bottles sourced by local communities from Nairobi streets and landfills. Candles either come in a recyclable cardboard box or in a reusable mud cloth bag.

Two very prestigious awards give Organic Savanna the recognition they deserve: 

2019: Outstanding Social Engagement and Community Development, Eco-Age Brandmark
2018: Nominated, The Vogue (UK) Beauty Awards