Seedling Designs   

Mbuyu is the brainchild of Seedling Design, a company based in the beautiful coastal town of Kilifi, which design and manufacture lighting and household products using the hard shells of the Baobab fruits. A young couple founded Seedling Designs after they volunteered in a small orphanage near HomaBay, where they were helping to develop eco-friendly structures for the local school.

About the Founders 

Fabiana and Roberto both graduated in Architecture & Urbanism with Masters degrees from the University of Italy and Argentina. However, they weren’t intending on starting up a business producing home and lifestyle products just yet.  As like many of Green Spoon’s producers, Fabiana and Roberto had a light bulb moment one evening. Whilst cuddling their son in his room, they noticed that the naked light bulb was really bright…so they looked around the room and pulled out a cracked baobab shell from the treasures basket and placed it over the light bulb. It created the most perfect, soft, ambient light! The next day they set about creating lampshades for their home. They received many compliments and began to focus their energy on lamp design…the rest is history! 

A Socially Responsible Enterprise 

Seedling Designs is driven by a strong environmentally friendly ethos, tackling the product design industry by offering sustainable, environmentally friendly hand-made alternatives. Using a human-based approach, Seedling Designs adopts technology and local knowledge in each of its creative processes. In a world suffocated by plastic and non-biodegradable products, Seedling looks at nature as a source of inspiration for design and as a source of raw materials ready to be up-cycled and reshaped to fit unexpected new purposes. Using the shell of the Baobab to make these products, leaves the delicious nutrient rich pulp to spare. With a zero waste policy they then use this pulp to create a superfood powder and delicious jams with its high pectin qualities. All our products are Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, they are free from artificial flavors, food coloring or preservatives.

Baobab Tree Planting 

For each of your order Seedling Designs receives, they donate a Baobab seedling to ‘Green World Kilifi’ who will plant it in one of the 9 local schools they collaborate with. Nine of 13 of Africa’s oldest and largest baobab trees have died in the past decade, and the entire species is under threat due to urban expansion and the perception of low value that the modern economy has placed on it. It’s crucial then to be part of this tree planting initiative and engage local communities and schools in the conservation and propagation of this incredible tree.

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