Shamba Culture   

The phrase ‘chicken soup for the soul’ couldn’t be more true when we began to learn about the amazing benefits of bone broth from Ngania.

Bone broth is made by simmering the bones and connective tissue of animals for several hours to create a broth that is packed with a very soluble protein that the body can absorb very efficiently. The lengthy process of making a broth that is packed full of flavour but without any enhancers, preseravtives or additives is challenging. But look no further, Shamba Culture has mastered this and supplies broths frozen, to lock in all the goodness, and ready to be used as a base for soups, gravies, sauces or simply sipped out of a mug on a cold day. 

How Ngenia’s Bone Broth was Born

Tired of trying every pharmaceutical drug, endless doctors’ appointments and feeling insecure about her skin, Ngenia began to research natural remedies to try and clear her skin. Stumbling across an article on how your diet effects your hormone balance and in turn your skin, Ngenia’s life was changed. Ngenia set about revamping her diet, as part of this, she began including bone broth into her diet. In a matter of months, her skin cleared and as a result Shamba Culture was born. Struggling to find bone broth on the supermarket shelves that did not contain preservatives and additives, Ngenia began brewing her first batches of broth and has not looked back since! 

Bones for Bone Broth  

Shamba Culture’s bone broths are prepared using bones from holistically raised cattle and chicken. Ngenia has formed partnerships with local farmers who she visits on a regular bases to share ideas and make sure that her values align with theirs. Ngenia believes that the quality of her of broth comes from the pristine cattle and chicken who have been raised on free range pasture and slaughtered humanely. Shamba Culture’s bone broth provides an opportunity for the by-products these animals, usually disposed of, to be turned into a product that is full of goodness and actually much easier to absorb than eating the meat itself. 

Bone Broth Benefits 

The health benefits of bone broth are well proven, and include healing and soothing the gut, enhancing the absorption of nutrients from other foods, supporting healthy hair, skin, nails and joints, supporting gut and immunity and a source of natural collagen. Ngania refers to it as an animal based superfood.