Sugarpie is Nairobi’s first cupcake shop. We started it because we wanted to make something really yummy and share it!

We believe that work should be fun and people should do what they love. We love to bake and we love to eat and we love good food. We’re excited to share that love with our customers.

We believe in the importance of women’s education and access to opportunities, which is why we hire young women who haven’t had access to schooling and provide them with the training and skills to build long-term professional careers. 10% of Sugarpie profits go to a scholarship fund for our team enabling them to pursue schooling in a field of their choice.

We believe that through job creation in the low-skilled market we can generate immediate and sustainable social impact in Kenya, where unemployment is a staggering 40%. Providing access to education and professional development will empower our team with the tools and opportunities to radically improve their lives.

Sugarpie cupcakes don’t just make us happy because they’re indulgent, decadent, delicious packages of yummy goodness, they’re helping our team of young, ambitious women to build brighter futures.

Sugarpie tries to source as locally and naturally as possible, supporting our small-scale farmers and helping them improve their farms and growing practices. Some examples include:

The Maseno Agricultural Training Center in Western Kenya produces peanut butter made from a combination of Uganda Red and Homa Bay groundnuts, grown by farmers in the region. The ATC conducts training programs and runs a small business incubator for local farmers, encouraging them to explore sustainable farming and business practices. They started producing peanut butter as a low cost solution to iron and protein deficiencies in Nyanza county and to provide an affordable, healthy alternative to artificial food spreads.

Ndali grows its own vanilla on their farm in Western Uganda and buys from over 1000 Fairtrade certified farmers in the nearby Mountains of the Moon. Farmers receive a premium price for the very best vanilla plus a bonus that’s invested into their community. Ndali produces some of the best and purest organic vanilla and is one of only a few Fairtrade vanillas in the world.

Brown’s Cheese is a second generation family-run farm nestled among the beautiful tea plantations of Tigoni. Run on purely biodynamic and organic principles, Brown’s butter and cheese are made from milk from over 3,000 smallholder farmers in the area. In addition to buying locally, Brown’s works with farmers to increase the quality and production of their milk.