The Food Fairy 

Delicious fusion food combining elements of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Pan Asian and Swahili cuisine – Cooking is the alchemy through which raw ingredients are transformed into delicious nourishing meals.

The Food Fairy use the highest quality, locally sourced ingredients to create nutritious home cooked ready meals. They cook & freeze to lock in flavour and cut down waste: using no nasties or preservatives! The customer heats, cooking straight from frozen and enjoys a delicious & nutritious meal.

About the Founder 

Antonia was born and grew up in England but is of Kenyan ancestry. Family holidays were spent on safari in Kenya. After helping helping out with the horse riding safaris on the acclaimed Borana ranch, it was here that she realised she was most at home. As well as graduating with a BA in English literature, Antonia also trained as a chef with the renowned Leith’s School of Food and Wine where she discovered a passion for cooking. Her innate flair stems from her mother, a successful restauranteur and chef.

Publishing her first book ‘Tastes of Tassia’ in 2011, Antonia has now started her cookery school in the Bush. Antonia’s Kitchen is situated at her home on the slopes of Mount Kenya and offers a variety of cookery courses catering for safari chefs, home cooks and youngsters on Gap year’s.

Ingredients and Suppliers 

The Food Fairy is a true believer in sourcing high quality local ingredients for all her cooking. Much like Green Spoon, Antonia has made amazing connections with many of Kenya’s finest Artisans. You may recognize some of the names in the list of ingredients and suppliers below: 

  • All their pastries and pastas are homemade with eggs and milk from the farm

  • Farmer Max chickens – free range organic chickens

  • WHB meat – Grass fed organic beef and lamb

  • Burgaret Farm & Highland Castle Pork – high welfare pork

  • Browns – cheese, cream and butter

  • Tamalu Farm: permaculture farm – Organic fruit & veggies