The Vegan Treat Company  

The Vegan Treat Company’s delicious treats are so many things in every bite: decadent and vegan, tasty and nutritious, naughty and nice! It’s what makes them the perfect after school snack, post-workout pick-me-up or evening dessert. Jane Villiers hand makes all of these delicious treats in her home kitchen and has created and runs this health-conscious brand single handedly. Creating gluten free and vegan options was a start but now her brand is really about people looking after themselves with the food choices they make.


About the Founder

When Jane Villiers moved to Kenya with her husband, she took the opportunity to start something for herself. With a passion for food and a professional cookery course done at the Dublin cookery school under her belt, she decided to try something with food. Being a ‘health nut’ herself, Jane had always made healthy snacks for her two children and had found that disguising all the healthy things like nuts, seeds, oils in cookie dough or a brownie worked a treat with her little boy. Deciding to take part in a local pop up market in Nairobi, was the deadline and motivation Jane needed to fully launch her idea and brand. With the help of a designer from Ireland and a Kenyan packager, she made and packaged her first products for sale.  


The Ingredients 

At The Vegan Treat Company, Jane believe that being healthy doesn’t mean compromising. You can enjoy indulgent treats without highly processed and environmentally unkind ingredients. Jane sources from many of the Green Spoon suppliers as she tries to buy local as much as possible. She explained that she trusts the Green Spoon suppliers and has faith in their high-quality products. Her cocoa for example comes from the Epicurious Hedgehog, her chocolate from The Chocolate Bar, and her coconut oil from Cocopure. 


A Holistic Brand 

Jane truly wanted to create a holistic brand, a brand that encompassed health in all aspects, health for the consumer, the planet and the local economy. Aside from being super healthy and nutritious for you, The Vegan Treat Co also places environmental sustainability as a priority. All of her treats come in gorgeous glass jars that she re-uses if returned or are very useful in your own kitchen once you’ve quickly emptied the contents in to your tummies. All of her labelling is made from hyacinth paper. The hyacinth comes from Lake Victoria where is has become an invasive species and is taking over the lake. Although Jane has gone to great lengths to make her brand as holistic and sustainable as possible, she is a strong believer that it is ok to be imperfect. ‘Life isn’t all or nothing’ she says, ‘instead of striving to be perfect, strive to be better, and make small changes’. You don’t have to be 100% vegan or 100% perfect in your sustainability efforts. Small conscious changes are better than none!