Laikipia has always had a special place in our hearts. The wide stretches of ranch land framed by achingly beautiful blue skies, and ample rain crashing down off the slopes of Mount Kenya make for a ingly fertile area of the country; a place where you’d choose to come back as a cow, if that was your destiny.

It just so happens that Borana Ranch, where Jack was born and brought up, was also the first ranch in Kenya to successfully ranch cattle alongside wildlife. Michael – Jack’s father – took a gamble and decided to give it a go back in the 1990s, and was a pioneer in the management of cattle alongside wildlife. They used methods like mobile corral’s and moving the cattle daily (which works well with Alan Savoury’s approach to regenerative farming) to ensure that the there would be optimal land use, as well as less chance for the wildlife to start sniffing around a tasty looking Boran cow.

How WHB Sources their meat

Today, WHB sources from Borana Ranch as well as Sosian Ranch and from time to time Mogwooni Ranch. All three follow the same principles of mixing cattle with wildlife with a regenerative farming approach as a foundational methodology. When beef cattle are sent down to WHB, they are finished for one week on delicious homegrown lucerne and other greens,before being humanely slaughtered with a stun gun, followed by instant death. The meat is all halal.

WHB meat is life-changing

Not just for you – because guaranteed, once you’ve tried it, you won’t be able to settle for anything less. But also for the planet. Because it is free range, pasture raised beef, we believe it actually sequesters carbon into the ground rather than being a creator of carbon.

About the Founder

Jack was brought up in the wilds of Laikipia, and always had an interest in food. After finishing school, he attended Ballymaloe Cookery School in Ireland and there the interest turned into a full blown passion as he learnt about their approach to organic farming, and relationship with all elements of food. He went on to work in two Michelin starred restaurants in Berlin before returning home where he knew the quality of meat could be better.