The Epicurious Hedgehog’s natural extracts are made in Tanzania, where they support more than a thousand small holder farmers and women’s groups. Using ethically sourced raw materials, Epicurious Hedgehog’s natural extracts are free of sugars, thickeners or colouring and impart a genuine and complex flavour. The pods for the Vanilla Extract are grown in the shadow of Mt Kilimanjaro in soil that is rich and volcanic; whereas the Orange Extract is made using oranges harvested near Tanga. Kilombero Cinnamon uses organically grown and harvested cinnamon from Southern Tanzania and the Kibosho coffee extract uses coffee beans from the highlands of Tanzania. The cacao powder and nibs are both sourced from cacao farms in the Mbeya region of southern Tanzania, which hosts one of Africa’s finest cocoa bean cooperatives.

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Baking Ingredients

Orange Extract


Baking Ingredients

Vanilla Extract – 100ml


Dried Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

Cocoa Nibs – 450g


Baking Ingredients

Cocoa Powder – 500g