Seedballs Kenya is a joint collaboration between Chardust Ltd and Cookswell Jikos. Together they have researched and developed Seedballs. Chardust is involved with manufacture and Cookswell Jikos is involved with sales, marketing and distribution.

Teddy Kinyanjui was born and raised in Kenya and carries on with the family tradition of eco-friendly stove design and

 construction.  He has directed his father’s legacy  the Woodlands 2000 Trust over the last decade,  and has contributed greatly to the conservation and enhancment  of natural forest regeneration throughout Kenya. 

Elsen Karstad is a Canadian national and long-time resident of Kenya who combines his educational background as an ecologist with a flair for engineering and sales. Elsen’s role in the Seedballs Initiative, through his company Chardust Ltd., is the design and operation of the innovative seedball production system. Elsen is a pilot, wildlife photographer and eco-enterpreneur.

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