The Beginning  Baking is in Sushila’s blood; she has always loved the kitchen. She has been making delectable treats for forty-five years with passion and dedication. Everybody loved the concoctions Sushila made in her kitchen. And it wasn’t long before her scrumptious treats were gracing the tables of friends and family all around town. Of course, back then everything was handmade by scratch – there was no ready-mix, no boxes or frozen bags. Everything was lovingly made with the freshest of ingredients by hand. Over time, word got around and Sushila’s treats became quite famous.

Attention to detail – To keep up with demand, Sushila expanded her production. Today, every cookie, biscuit and pickle is produced with the same loving attention to detail as when she first started. The sweetest milk, the creamiest butter and the richest spices are all hand selected to ensure every bite is filled with flavour. This has been Sushila’s personal mantra since she first started all those decades ago.

As she turns seventy-five Sushila is just as inspired as ever. Flavours, ingredients and measurements continue to swirl in her mind, ever ready to create the newest recipe. Many people around the world continue to love sharing Sushila’s treats and she is just as excited to bring her creations to each and every one of them.

Made with passion, handcrafted with love. 

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