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WHB Gourmet Kitchen Smokey Beef With Cheese Sausage- 500g

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The new Smokey Beef with Cheese is a traditional smooth, tasty beef sausage with extra chunks of delicious artisanal cheese, tasty pieces of beef bacon, and a delicious natural smokey flavor. Melt-in-your-mouth delicious as a Gourmet Hot Dog, cooked on the grill or added to hearty sausage casseroles in the cold months.

Shelf Life: 21 days refrigerated
Cooking Instructions: Blanch, Fry, or Grill!

Gourmet Sausage Kitchen is a new range of delicious beef and lamb sausages from WHB.

Offered in different varieties to suit all tastes, these products are made in a completely new way using alginate casing – a modern alternative based on a natural 100% vegan and sustainable product – seaweed – that is gaining momentum among foodies globally for its taste and sustainability.

All WHB products are made from 100% Natural Grass-Fed Kenyan Beef sourced directly from producers in the Laikipia and Mt Kenya region. Studies have shown Grass-Fed Beef to be higher in vitamins A, E, and other antioxidants compared with grain-fed alternatives, with lower levels of saturated fat. Grass Fed Beef is a brilliant choice both for yourself (tasty), your health (no antibiotics, hormones, or nasties), and the planet (sustainably produced).

All WHB products are Halal-certified.


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